Build Season 2020

Build Season has started! On January 4th, the team gathered at school for the FIRST Robotics kickoff. The parents kindly brought breakfast and GRT members ate the delicious food and watched the kickoff video. This year’s theme is “Infinite Recharge.” In this game, there is a 15-second autonomous period (where the robots follow pre-programmed instructions) in which robots can score points for their alliance by moving form the initiation line and scoring power cells in the power port. For the rest of the match, drivers can take control of the robots and score points by scoring points in the power cell, completing rotation control and position control, hanging from the generator switch, and getting the generator switch to the level position.

After watching the video, GRT members split into groups, read through the game manual, and discussed strategies.

Members have been working diligently this build season and everything is going smoothly and efficiently. We have 2 stages of building our robot, and currently, we are working on the second stage. This season has been going amazingly so far and members are excited to see what’s in store for competition!

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