Haunted House 2019

The GRT Haunted House Project has come to a close. The team was divided into 9 groups with their own mechanism, each led by a veteran. Using the ideas of 5th graders from Juana Briones Elementary School as inspiration, each group designed and manufactured a unique mechanism. This project gave GRT rookies the opportunity to get used to the shop and a chance to bond with the veterans. Overall, the project was a success. GRT worked together efficiently and finished the project on time. We showcased the house at Juana Briones around Halloween and had no issues with transportation. To reflect on the experience, the team discussed what went smoothly and what needed to be improved for the future.

While GRT members were working diligently on the Haunted House, subgroups held trainings after school in which rookies and vets could learn essential skills needed to become a subgroup member. At the end of the projects, subgroups made their decisions on which lucky GRT members made it into each group.

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