February 16, 2019

Build Season is rapidly coming to an end.  The season will end at 9 pm on Tuesday, February 19.  Last Saturday, GRT hosted the annual Beta Review, in which parents came to the shop to see a demonstration of the completed Beta Robot and to hear from Mech Leads and different subgroups about what they have been working on for the past few weeks.

This year, each subgroup prepared a presentation for the Review.  Each presentation had a mixture of veteran leaders and rookie members; it was great to see that the vets were able to pass down information to younger members of the team.  The team also described to the parents the design process of building the robot, including looking back over the schedule as well as discussing the three phases of build season; Alpha Prototyping, Beta, and Omega.  The parents were also shown the full CAD of the robot before everyone went into the shop to see a running demonstration of the Beta Robot.

As Build Season comes to a close, the team is finalizing the machining of the last few parts and is almost done with the assembly of the two Omega robots.  If all goes according to plan, both robots will be fully assembled and the Controls subgroup will have time to test them before one is shipped off for the Week 1 Competition in Del Mar that GRT will be participating in.  Overall, this season has been a lot of fun, and hopefully GRT will be able to see all its hard work pay off during competition season.

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