February 4, 2019

Beta machining and assembly have both finished!  The Beta robot is currently being tested by the controls team and modifications have been made on the robot’s design for the Omega robots. Over this upcoming weekend, there will be a parent design review for the Beta robot, during which students will present all the work that has been accomplished so far, including the Alpha prototypes and the functioning Beta robot.

The GRT Animation team has also completed its entry for the FIRST Digital Animation Award.  The team created a 30-second-long animation around the theme of “Space” using the animation software Autodesk Maya.  This animation has been submitted to the competition and shown to all the GRT students. It will also be watched by the parents during the upcoming design review.

GRT is four weeks into the six-week-long build season, so there are only two weeks remaining to finish the final robot.  During this time, the team will be working on completing two identical Omega Robots—one of these robots will remain in the GRT shop for continued testing, the other will shipped to the FIRST Robotics Competitions.

The team is still working on the CAD for the Omega Robots, but many parts have already been designed and Omega machining is well underway.  The team will try to finish assembly of the Omega robots with around a half week remaining to allow the controls team time for additional testing.

GRT students are also working on designing a wooden crate to store the robot during transport.  Additionally, design and production of the bumpers for the Omega robots are well underway.

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