December 4, 2018

As the end of 2018 approaches, the first semester of GRT is beginning to wind down.  The team has been working on the Shop Project for the past few weeks.  Machining for both periods is starting to finish up and the team continues to work on assembling the robots.  After assembly, the robots will go to the controls subgroup for testing. After the robots have been tested, the team will go onto the competition, where the robots from the two class periods will face off!

The end of the first semester also means that Build Season is quickly approaching.  The team will gather together on the morning of January 5th, the date that the FRC game is announced!  This will mark the beginning of six weeks of hard work to make sure that the robot is completed in time for competitions.

As the holiday season gets closer, GRT will also be doing its annual Secret Santa, where each student will get another student a gift.  These gifts will be given out on the last GRT class period of the first semester.

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