November 12, 2018

The Shop Project game has been announced!  This year’s game requires a robot to pick up differently sized and shaped objects (small wooden cubes, foam balls, and fabric-covered blocks), carry them to a set of shelves, and place them on the different shelves to gain the most points within a time limit.  The two different GRT class periods will each design a robot to compete against each other in the game. Brainstorming has already occurred, and each period has chosen a design for the robot. CADing has begun for the robots and initial machining has also started.  The GRT shop remains open after school for students to come work on the Shop Project robots, as well as continuing training for various subgroups.

The Shop Project aims to prepare GRT students for the types of scenarios that might be encountered during the actual built season.  This is a great opportunity for students to pick up machining or CAD skills, as well as time management and communication tips, that will help the team stay on track during build season.  The Shop Project will be a fun way to introduce GRT rookies to the type of work that goes into building a robot.

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