September 17, 2018

With the school year beginning on August 14th, the GRT season has been underway for about five weeks.  The year began with rookies being welcomed to and given tours of the shop by veteran members on the first day.  The team then progressed into the annual “Blue Box Challenge” to close out the first week. Each GRT class period was divided into teams that consisted of a mixture of rookies and veterans and were issued the challenge of launching a projectile into a large plastic crate using only the limited materials given to them in a blue box.  The challenge, meant to illustrate to the rookies the creativity, teamwork, brainstorming techniques necessary to compete during build season, was very successful, and each class thoroughly enjoyed the friendly competition.

GRT students have been going through Shop Training over the last four weeks.  Each week, rookies have been going through one of four training rotations: mill, lathe, hand tools, and CAD.  Mill, lathe, and hand tools trainings have been run by veteran leaders, while CAD training has been conducted by mentor Kristina Granlund.  The goal of these training rotations is to make sure that rookies are fully prepared to use all the tools in the shop and that they are acting safe at all times.  While rookies have been going through Shop Training, veterans have been finishing up their mill and lathe “vet parts” to ensure that they are comfortable machining parts for the team.

As training wraps up this week, with students currently going through their final rotations, both rookies and veterans alike are preparing to take the Shop Safety Test.  This test will ensure that all team members are familiar with the machinery of the shop, CAD techniques, and understand all safety precautions. After students pass the safety test, they will be cleared to machine in the shop and the team will move onto future projects, namely the creation and update of the GRT Haunted House.

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