October 28, 2018

The GRT Haunted House has been completed!  We are taking the project back to Juana Briones over the next week, beginning after school on Monday.  The project was a great success—rookies were introduced to the shop and learned more about machining and the design process and the finished product was completed on time.  Following the completion of the project, the team met and had a brainstorming session about what went well with the project and what could be improved for the next year. It was good to hear from each team member and, overall, everyone was pleased with the work done on the Haunted House this year.

As the Haunted House Project concludes, the team will be moving into the Fall Shop Project.  The goal of this project is to prepare the team for the type of work that will be done during Build Season.  The game or challenge for the Shop Project will be announced next week, after which brainstorming and machining will begin in earnest.

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