October 14, 2018

GRT has begun working on the Haunted House project over the past two weeks.  The team has divided into groups of four or five students, each led by a veteran member.  Each group is responsible for creating a mechanism based upon a suggestion from the students at Juana Briones Elementary School.  Though these mechanisms are simple in concept, they are an excellent way for GRT rookies to get more comfortable with the shop and design process in general, as the rookies are the ones who will be doing the majority of the machining for this project.  We hope that the mechanisms will be scary and live up to the expectations of the Juana Briones students when we demonstrate the Haunted House to them around Halloween.

In addition to working on the Haunted House, students have begun subgroup training for the year.  Rookies have been encouraged to attend a number of these different subgroup trainings to get a feel for how each group operates before deciding upon a group to join.

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