Overview GRT has worked hard to expand technical skills and encourage members to focus on making a positive impact to the people around us. To do this, GRT has strived to spread the word of STEM and FIRST to the community around us.

Child Catch

Elementary School Projects In order to spread the joy of FIRST and STEM, we took several of past robots to students of local elementary schools to demonstrate how they worked, and help inspire. We created an interactive experience that students and parents could ask questions and explore the team. Through shooting balls and driving around our robots, we showed everybody just how fun engineering could be. We hoped that the fun that they had would encourage them to join FIRST in later years. Along with daytime visits, GRT also organized a get-together with Nixon Elementary School. After one of their annual science fair nights, we brought our 2013/2014 robot to the school, and demonstrated how it related to the exhibits shown that night. The teachers were inspired to talk to their students about FIRST, and the parents and students had the chance to experience the benefits that joining FIRST could bring.

FLL Teams The Gunn Robotics Team's extensive work with FIRST LEGO League teams demonstrates an effort to positively influence our community. In the past, we have mentored teams and helped the younger generation understand the importance of engineering and STEM. This year, however, we brought a group of FIRST LEGO League members into our shop. Several of our Control Team members took the students around our facilities, explaining how our shop is run. They also explained several simple techniques that we use to make sure that our robot functions successfully and up to the best of its potential. Other members that were excited to see visitors in the shop also took the opportunity to explain what their roles were on the team. Our teacher and mentors chimed in as well, giving advice as to how to continue being a part of the FIRST organization. Overall, the FLL girls came out enthused about engineering and FIRST.

Kids Control

The Haunted House At the beginning of this year, our team created a animatronic haunted house designed for local elementary schools, with a goal to introduce robots to children of all ages in a fun yet informative manner. The haunted house featured skulls popping out of windows, stairs shifting up and down, and a skeleton spinning on the roof. The entirety of the house was designed, coded, and decorated by our team. Not only did it teach the rookies new skills, but it also inspired younger students to continue pursuits in engineering and use their abilities for more than just competitions. We hope that through our efforts, the elementary schoolers had the chance to experience FIRST witnessing what can be done through hard work and perseverance.

In Our School Community GRT regards Gunn High School as a very important part of our communicty. It is always important to recruit new talented and hardworking members for our team, therefore outreach in our school is highly beneficial. In the 2014-2015 season, we created a robot that shot GRT-themed t-shirts into the crowds of Gunn's night rally.